• PRIN_1

    Find out how great the rewards are for going through the pain.

  • PRIN_2

    Learn what to show and when to show it.

  • PRIN_3

    Find out how you are letting people control your actions.

  • PRIN_4

    Learn how the past and future are effecting what is actually happening in the present.

  • PRIN_5B

    Find out what the difference is and why it is important.

  • PRIN_6

    Find out how to increase your close rates by leveraging emotions.

  • PRIN_7

    Find out how to nurture your leads right into a sale.

  • PRIN_8

    Get rid of your negative inner voice for good!

  • PRIN_9

    Learn how to increase your adult behavior.

  • PRIN_10

    How are you letting your inner child spoil your deals?

  • PRIN_11

    How are your beliefs limiting your potential?

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The simple truths that lead to becoming and remaining a successful person are among the most precious secrets David Sandler famously unlocks for the highly paid and well-regarded sales professionals who are stellar graduates of Sandler Training® programs. Now they are revealed for you to learn and use in your own business and career.

Equally valuable is the way Sandler brings these principles to light, so that they are accessible, memorable and replicable. Using the proven, highly-regarded and yet rarely utilized psychological framework of Transactional Analysis – the study of communication and its effect on human development and relationships – you understand immediately how you’ve gotten the results, good or bad, that you have up until now.

Even better, you are guided to examine why you haven’t always chosen the right behaviors, attitudes and techniques. And, you’re given the right pathway to remedy and replace the root causes of failure or mediocre performance.

A remarkable and sometimes painful part of the process is uncovering the truth about yourself, including how your self-image was shaped sometimes carelessly and perhaps even cruelly. As you grasp the influence of these “old tapes,” you see how you have unknowingly sabotaged your potential for being at the top tier of sales professionals.

You may be astonished to discover what inner dialogue and even demons you now may choose to control and override. The results? You enjoy a significant advantage over those you seek to impress and persuade, and a predictable way to reach and exceed your career, business and financial goals.

The enormous benefits of self-knowledge and imaginative new tools for self-management are at the heart of the challenging and exhilarating lifelong process of implementing the Sandler Success Principles.

As you read, it may occur to you that you now have access to everything you need, to get whatever you could possibly desire.